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Talking about your daughter’s body in a right way is crucial!

When it comes to your daughter’s body there is something what you must not do. When talking about her body there is one  thing that is more than crucial.

It is important how you discuss your daughter’s body image because if you don’t do that in a right way, there can be some serious consequences. You probably want that your daughter loves herself and her body. Therefore, you must be careful in a way you treat her and how you talk about her body.

You also must be careful how you talk about yourself and other people in general. Negative comments are something what will always make her ask herself if you think something like that about her.

According to survey some researches have done, it is shown that 27% of women that have a healthy BMI were living in a healthy environment and weren’t treated badly in their young age. Their parents didn’t speak about their body or overall look in a bad way.

On the other hand 28% of women that were tested and have extra weight were treated badly. Parents constantly talked about their weight, about how they look and how much they eat.


Talking about the weight in general, which means not only with the ones that have extra pounds but with skinny persons too, is not good


Because of this women can have long lasting  consequences. Most of these women fight with their body image the entire life. So, now you see how much words of your parents can affect your life.

If you are a parent you must be careful and think twice before you say something to your daughter. If you want her to be happy and satisfied with herself and to love her body just the way it is, never discuss body weight or body look in a negative way.



Also, parents have a huge role in the way their daughters or kids will look like because parents are the ones who must make sure kids eat a healthy food.

Make sure you are responsible as a parent a and be your daughter an example of how she should treat herself. Only like that she can grown into a self-confidence person.