I am addicted to you - Take care of your hair 7

Take care of your hair

You wash your hair, create hairstyles to look pretty every day. At the same time you face hair-problems such as grease, dryness and split ends. The cause of this issues is washing your hair too often. At the same time you can’t stop washing them at all. Forgoing shampoo can help in solving this problem. Try to wash hair less often in order to keep them healthy And Take care of your hair.


How often is it recommended to use shampoo? It depends on the type of your hair. If they are dry or curly it will be better for you to wash them once a week and take some conditioner on the other days. For normal and oil hair it is recommended to use shampoo 2-3 times a week.


At first it will be difficult to get used to a new way of washing hair. Sometimes it is allowed to wash hair just with water without adding any suds in order to avoid stripping your scalp of necessary oil. One another way to prolong non-washing days is to create a messy braid, for exampley.