I am addicted to you - SWEATER SEASON 2



It’s a sweater season which means endless odes to knit, wool and cashmere. Fall is just just about the  only time the adjective chunky is a complement. The unheard cool temperature reality is that we settle  into looser silhouettes only to soon find our bodies physically became that shape. Instead of keeping our  smoothie bikini bodies, we go ahead and over eat thus leading to us gaining more weight. Whether you  just started college and find yourself a regular visitor of the dining hall, or an adult hunkering down as  the weather get chilly take heed. Everybody wishes macaroni and cheese is an advisable meal but it’s  certainly not.


A lot of people are unable to say no to the edible extras and find themselves eating a lot when  temperatures drop. A lot of this snacks that many people take like chocolate, scone among others add  unnecessary calories to our bodies. Instead of taking booze, gin or cucumber whenever it becomes cold,try something equally warming and relaxing like hot tea and which is low on calories. Also try taking  some wine instead of chamomile or cinnamon as this two have a thickening effect to the body.


Always carry a bottle of water especially during winter or warm weathers. This is because many are the  times when our bodies mistake dehydration for hunger or craving which in turn leads to eating a lot of  unneeded calories.it is also important to maintain and and shape healthy habits. Rather than purchasing  endless loaves of bread,. This means indulging the desire for chewy goodness without going overboard.Swap white pasta for its better companion whole wheat noodles or try eating half a bagel instead of  whole.


Go to the gym often especially during winter. This helps to keep that pound off and improves the health  of your entire body. You can also take a walk or a ride a bike. Do not burry yourself under loose fitting  clothing but instead bust out a fitted dress or camisole. This gives the motivation to take responsibility  for your body. Lastly schedule your own milestone. This includes avoiding fattening meals and going to  the gym. This way you are not depriving yourself the activities that makes fall and winter such festive  times of the year