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Surprising benefits of wearing lipstick


Lipstick is one of the most widespread and popular makeup products. Beloved accessory is first and foremost a classic beautifying product. But, research has shown that lipstick has many other benefits as well.


It boosts our confidence. A boost of color, hint of glamour, sexy vibrant look that it provides €“ lipstick does wonders for our self-confidence. Pick up your favorite shade, put it on in the morning and you will be prepared to tackle any challenges the entire day throws at you!


Sunburns are a serious problem that everyone needs to work toward preventing. Your lips too can get burnt and chapped if exposed to the sun unprotected. Ever since scientists discovered this, cosmetic companies started including sunscreen properties in lipsticks. So besides obvious aesthetic use, lipstick takes care of your health too.


I am addicted To You - Surprising benefits of wearing lipstick 4

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Moisturizing effect of lipstick makes your pout look divine. Generous use of your favorite lipstick will make your lips softer and suppler, giving them a subtle and elegant look. But beware when choosing your brand. Always make sure to read the label and pick the purest one, since some companies have been known to include lead in their mixtures.


It will tremendously help during job interviews and business conferences. Lipstick gives us a professional look. It will give your interviewer an impression that you are strong and independent, that you radiate confidence and make for a perfect business partner. Research done in Harvard and Boston University actually proved this point, people who wore color based cosmetics were perceived as much more professional than their peers. It is because lipstick boosts our confidence and makes us ready for all challenges ahead!


So, we see that the little color cylinder is much more than we thought! These are the reasons to keep using this wonderful product.