I am addicted to you - SURGICAL TAPE, GLITTER IN CHECK 1



“I’m trying to blast punk and street toughness with extravagance,” said makeup artist Aaron de Mey backstage at Creatures of the Wind, alluding to the Siouxsie Sioux-like swoops of black cream liner compared by blocks of amazing gold glitter or a meticulous, matte red mouth. In a couple cases, the professional extended the sparkles way up to the arches to make a flashy lid look one may discover in a Fellini film. “There’s something for everybody to take away,” he clarified of the build-me-up beauty idea. “The garments for Creatures of the Wind are entirely layered, so that is the thing that lent the motivation to the makeup. We include more and more until it advances into something super strong.”


For the individuals who need to begin at the subtler end of the spectrum, de Mey proposes going after NARS Eye Paint in Black Valley and dragging a sharp, angled brush along your lashes and up toward the end of your brow to “elevate” eyes and emphasize sharp cheekbones. “I don’t simply look at the liner from the front, however the side also,” he noticed €”a particularly critical step for the runway, as the front row is frequently just aware of models’ faces in profile. To make cat-eyes eyes particularly crisp, dip one of Muji’s skinny, “child” cotton buds (a cult favorite among the backstage set) in a non-greasy makeup remover and utilization it to instantly erase any mistakes.



Going the glitter route? Apply a clear gloss over lids, press metallic particles on top, and then grab the roll of the surgical tape from your first aid pack. “It’s not as sticky as general tape,” said de Mey, who makes a “little loop” and uses it to get any fallen particles. “I’ve tried everything, except I find that surgical tape is the most ideal approach to do it.” Even better: He claims his method doesn’t wreck the “perfectly powdered” or “dewy” skin you spent a solid twenty minutes perfecting. “You could utilize eyelash glue €”I know people do and that makes glitter sit flawlessly €”however I would prefer not to torture anybody too much today,” he laughed. “Not toward the start of fashion week, I’ll hold up until the end when I can truly punish them!”