Supposedly Healthy Foods

6 Supposedly Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

What’s worse than unhealthy foods? Supposedly healthy foods that make you eat tons of it, without even realizing that you’re doing something wrong for your body.


These supposedly healthy foods are not healthy at all


1- Energy bars

Despite being sold in health foods stores and gyms, and having written fiber and protein all over them, energy bars are actually heavily processed edibles that contain many different forms of sugar that spike sugar levels in your blood without providing long-term satisfaction and energy. Instead, take an apple, carrots, cucumber or hummus.


2- Low-fat yogurts

Fat-free or low-fat yogurts have so much sugar in them that they could be actually considered dessert. Dietary sugars can increase the cholesterol levels in your blood, so check the ingredient lists carefully before choosing the ones that contain no sugars.


3- Fro-Yo

Despite having ”yogurt” in its name, Fro-yo too is among the supposedly healthy foods you need to avoid due to its high sugar levels. While it’s totally fine to allow yourself a highly caloric pleasure every once in a while, don’t mistake this product for a health food.


4- Smoothies

Sugars – again. With the intake of massive blends of berries, bananas, and other natural, three-grown sweets, it’s very easy to cross the recommended daily sugar intake limit of 25 grams, so make sure to dose these carefully.


5- Granola

While granola perhaps contains somewhat less sugar compared to other popular breakfast items, it by no means mean that it’s a healthy choice that can be consumed in big amounts. The main reason for being moderate with granola is the added ingredients (sugar, of course) and high-fat content.


6- Frozen diet meals

Frozen meals with a low-calorie stamp on it are also between the supposedly healthy foods that might deceive you into thinking that they are a better food choice than a meal you might cook on your own. Why? They, too, contain many additives that you wouldn’t find in your home.