I am addicted to you - Summer Flings or Fall Romances take the win 1

Summer Flings or Fall Romances take the win


Let the leaves float down over my head and kiss my cheeks. Let my lover draw close and keep me warm. Fall, the magnificent period of taking out heavy comforters and lighting fireplaces, is forthcoming.  I’m eager to nuzzle and find love again. I’m keenly grabbing my pen and checking off the calendar, counting down the days until I kiss summer goodbye, and say hello to some new, longer-lasting beau.

I was out to dinner with a big group of friends, drinking, eating and listening to the numerous conversations flickering around the table. Eighteen different people talked about the same thing: finding love. While summer was in the air, the chitchat was about going out, having fun, meeting people and trying new experiences. As I swallowed my cocktail, it seemed obvious my friends spent these past summer months releasing all of their pent-up, convulsive energy. And finally, with spirits soother, it was now time for settling down. From listening to everyone’s eagerness about finding love and settling down, it seemed the things that matter most to us in life are relationships and commitment.

They are what we desire. Sure, bikinis, hot guys at the beach  and tanning are also sexy, but so is someone embracing you on a cool fall day. You want someone to hang out with, someone to feed popcorn to on the couch and someone to frolic around in bed with. Don’t get me wrong; summer is great, but it is also brief and provisional. So when fall arrives, it is a breath of fresh air. We want to go back to our little routines and to find constancy, which is the absolute reverse of the fanciful nature of summer. Fall also makes flirting feel new again. Our partners jump at the possibility to warm us up and hold our bodies more intimately. When we can show our partners compassion, care and concern, we go through a different level of closeness. Being in tune with our partners’ needs creates the immediate promise that they are loved and cared for.

Not only will their bodies heat us up, but we will warm them with our loving actions. The fall also lets us be vulnerable. And opening up  doesn’t come about in short-term flings or summer couplings. A soul-pouring, heart-revealing emotional connection gets our hearts pumping more than one-night stands. The more I listened to everyone at dinner talk about pairing up, I understood two things: I am looking ahead to falling in love with fall, and I am looking forward to finding me some good lovin’.