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Struggling with walking in heels? Here is how to make it easier

If you are struggling with walking in your heels, especially if they are high heels, you can make things easier.

Women of all age like to wear heels. Heels will make you look more glamorous and even sexier. Of course you will also look taller.

Heels come in many different sizes but the bigger they are the harder is to walk in them. If you are one of these women who are struggling with walking in their heels, we have a few tips that might help you make things easier and by that your walking more comfortable.


How to stop struggling with walking in your heels


1- They should fit

This is rule number 1. Many times women find beautiful shoes but they are simple not fitting. Or they are too small, or too big. Some women want these pair of shoes so much that they will actually buy them, in spite the fact that they are not right for them.

Never buy such shoes. If shoes don’t fit perfectly, you can cause many problems to yourself. Too small will cause pain and blisters. On the other hand too big will make your foot constantly slipping. That can cause blisters too and you can hurt yourself.

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So, when you’re buying your new pair of shoes, make sure they fit perfectly. Take time to walk in them through the store to see how comfortable they are. You can even ask for advice of shoes seller because they know exactly how shoes should look like on your foot.


2- Watch how you walk

It is important to learn how to walk in heels. Don’t try to walk in some special way like you are a model or something. Walk slowly and naturally as you would do in any other pair of shoes. Like in flats, for example.


3- Posture

It is normal that heels shift the balance of your body forward. Naturally, you will try to correct this by leaning back. But this might look weird. So, you have to watch on your posture and learn how to walk. Your posture must look natural. You have to keep balance and look elegant. Your posture must look straight. Don’t rush while you are walking because it is normal that heels are slowing you down.

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These are 3 most important rules if you are struggling with walking in your heels. It takes time to learn how to walk in heels but with some practice you will reach your goal.

On the other hand, if you simple cannot overcome this issue, consider wearing shoes with no heels.