I am addicted to you - Stella McCartney just filled a lawsuit against Steve Madden 4

Stella McCartney just filled a lawsuit against Steve Madden


Imitation is   the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. With so many fashion brands rapidly putting out new content sometimes it is not easy to distinguish the difference between influenced by something else or what is just a plain old copy. There are, of course, massive retailers who make millions by putting out runway influenced style at reasonable prices €“ like Zara and H& M. Some would argue that sometimes high fashion designers would copy the retailers, like when Saint Lauren was acused of ripping off a Forever 21 dress which he proceeded to sell for 150 times the original price.


Stella McCartney decided to take actions in her own hands and do something against what she perceived as blatant thievery. British designer filled a lawsuit against Steve Madden, accusing him of stealing her popular Falabealla bag’s design for his own BTorally one. The legal document contains 22 pages and charges Madden for things as trade dress infringement, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices and trade dress dilution, and many others. Particularly juicy charge was one for marketing and sale of a knock-off! McCartney says that even if Madden’s bag is a cleverly constructed and made so it appears almost like her bag, it is still an inferior product which harms her own bag design and brand name’s reputation.


Madden’s bag which does closely resembles Falabella goes for 108$ while McCartney’s sell for 815$ to 2,000$. Quality and craftsmanship undoubtedly draw the line between them, with Falabella simply being a piece of high fashion €“ especially since the designer is famously ethical and does not use any leather  in all of her products whatsoever. Still both handbags are made from man-made materials, which could very well lead to further confusion between these two bags.