Spotlight won Best picture award at Oscars 2016

Spotlight won the award for Best picture at Oscars 2016 depicting one of the most controversial themes in years! The delicacy of the topic and the plot that deals with the involvement of the Catholic church in the cases of child abuse made this movie intriguing and shocking.

Spotlight – the story about the most shocking secrets of the Catholic church

The investigative team at Boston Globe was working at one of the most important subjects – child abuse by the clergy of the Catholic church. They collected substantial amount of evidence and testimonies of the survivals and they revealed one of the most shocking truths about the misconduct of the Catholic clergy.

When we say survivals, it means that abuse took its tall on the young people and many of them committed suicide.Not being able to deal with the horror of the abuse, many have destroyed their lives. The rest of the survivors gathered in order for a truth to be told.

When the Boston Globe’s journalist started to ask questions, they were faced with the strong resistance of the Catholic Church. However, horrified with their own discovery and the testimonies of the abused children, now grown-up men and women, they followed the story to the end.

“This film gave a voice to survivors, and this Oscar amplifies that voice which we hope will become a choir that will resonate all the way to the Vatican” said producer Michael Sugar onstage. “Pope Francis, it is time to protect the children and restore the faith”!

Before Oscars 2016 ceremony, the director of the movie McCarthy, actor Mark Ruffalo and co-writer Josh Singer participated in the protest outside L.A.’s Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Mark Ruffalo tweeted on Sunday: “Standing with the survivors of priest sexual abuse” in solidarity with the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests.  They demanded the public release of the names of pedophile members of the clergy.

If you have a chance watch this incredible movie. Meanwhile take a look at Spotlight trailer, I am sure you will be interested in a movie after you watch this intro.