Image of happy teenage friends eating pizza and looking at camera

Social Media Fakeness- We all Pretend To Be Fat And Lazy

We don’t post the truth.

Five days a week, myself and every one of my friends consume down fibrous kale leaves  and forgo wine. In the name of a healthy lifestyle, we sign up for overpriced hot yoga  classes and slog through miles  on the treadmill. Scrolling through Instagram after a cold post-sweat shower, each of us €œlike € half a dozen posts about doughnuts and hating to run. Instead of patting ourselves on the back for a lifestyle well-earned, we’d rather congratulate  the illusion of an effortless frontage. Instagram’s culture can be distilled down to an idea we like to call the €œPizza Complex, € wherein women  aim  to create the illusion of chowing down on a gooey slice without ever ingesting a single gram of grease.

Men and Women, we want to impress both.

Raised on Vogue models and romantic comedy starlets, we’re so familiar with the cliché of the woman who €œhas it all, € that the phrase is practically tattooed on our lower backs. There’s no way Karlie Kloss  can eat the junk food  she Instagrams  and stay so  thin. In reality, she has a beauty team, a personal trainer and, of course, a nutritionist. However, it’s easier to believe the fantasy than adhere to logic, so we continue to pine for her mile-long legs and clear skin. We expect to see thin, beautiful women photograph junk food, so photographing our own junk food has become sort of a status symbol in the female Instagram community. Even though body acceptance movements have made steps to normalize all shapes and sizes of women, the outdated expectation of svelteness holds strong for every friend and coworker in my life.

Desserts and doughnuts become forbidden fruit.

Sweet treats are not only  delicious and eternally popular, but they’re also the caloric equivalent of a ten-pound bowling ball. Because cultural expectations say it’s not okay for women to eat sweets without guilt, we crave them like maniacs. Uploading photos of a hamburger you didn’t eat is a way of fetishizing food. Also, if you do eat it, every other woman in the room will stare you down like a hungry bear recently roused from hibernation. There’s no winning, so we Instagram. The truth is, eating greens every day, working for a six pack and occasionally skipping happy hour are challenges that take willpower. Training for a marathon after an exhausting day at work takes serious dedication. No matter the goals you attain, discipline just isn’t culturally seen as sexy or exciting.