Consider a crop top, short overalls, and sneakers my most loved summer uniform. I’ve been soaking in comfort throughout the entire season. Recently, Stevie and I spent the evening shopping for our apartment. I can’t trust it will be 3 months this week since we got married and moved in together! Time is flying by! Presently if culminating our apartment could be that fast and simple. It has been a work in advancement. We had another couch delivered to our apartment a few days ago and it was truly a catastrophe attempting to get it up through the lift. It wouldn’t fit! They finally managed to get the couch inside (through the stairs), however after an hour Stevie and I visited about getting a greater spot with an office.


We discovered a place we truly like so ideally we’ll be “home” in a matter of seconds. #MarriedLife

Discussing wedded life, I asked Stevie a day or two ago in the event that he would be keen on beginning an arrangement with me on my Youtube channel called “Stevie & Sazan”. I thought possibly you folks would cherish little relationship videos from us blended with some fun newlywed challenges and insane vlogs along the way. It’s only a thought yet in the event that you believe it’s a decent one remark beneath and let me know your criticism.


Meanwhile, you’ll presumably see many more of these agreeable/languid young  SNAZE lady outfits. hah!! Life is excessively insane right now (and hot out!) to give a second thought