Small Hair Updates

3 Small Hair Updates That Make A Big Difference

We are bringing you small hair updates that will come in handy in all those times when you get bored of your ordinary hairstyle and you’re looking for a quick and stylish change that doesn’t require pro skills. These small hair updates, that are very simple to make, are a great solution for the morning rush and will not only enhance your hair look but will also contribute to your overall image.


Learn how to make these small hair updates for a stylish change in your hairstyle


1- Replace the ponytail with a loop

It’s easy to get bored of an overly simple and overly used, basic ponytail. That’s why you should try making a loop, that is neither too formal nor too structured, and it can be fitted into both casual and dressy looks.

Make a loop by pulling your hair back and starting to make a regular ponytail, only without pulling the tail all the way through. Then take a piece of your hair from the loop and wrap it around the elastic band, securing it with a bobby pin. For a sleek, extra shiny and polished look, do a blowout and then apply a hair serum.

Small Hair Updates


2- Braided bun instead of a full ponytail

Braided bun is another easy, yet super cute substitute for your standard ponytail and is just as quick and easy to make as the ponytail. For this hairstyle, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and then make a braid and secure its end with a small elastic band. Then, gently loosen up the braid and wrap it around, securing it with a pin.

Small Hair Updates


3- Tame your waves with a trendy barrette

Oversized clips and unique hair accessories are a major runway trend this year, so get your statement barrette to easily and in no time uplift your wavy hair look.

Small Hair Updates