Single and fabulous! Again!

Another relationship ended… and you are single again! You feel devastated, broken and falling apart and just want to curl up under your covers in the  bed!

You think that you will never  love again… Ever! Well, we’ve all been there sometimes! Breaking up was never an easy task, especially if you still love that special someone.

Girls nowadays have a fear of being single. We are all afraid that we will end up all alone with bunch of cats or with our old, grumpy, lady friends! Whenever we break up with a guy, we focus so much on the negative aspects of being single! And there are plenty of good sides living a single life!


Single and fabulous – reserved for brave girls

When you break up with a guy, you have the endless possibilities to improve your life!  And plenty of things you can do!


1.You can have the whole bed just for yourself

Yes, you can sleep diagonal across the bed,pilled in the pillows, upside down..however you want! Feel free to stretch that amazing body of yours across the whole bed!


2.You can watch every romantic movie out there

Remember those days when you had to negotiate what you were going to watch, because someone would prefer a thriller? Well, not anymore! You can treat yourself with all those romantic comedies that you wanted to see, but never did because he had to watch “Die hard“. Again!


3. You can skip shaving

Oooh, yes, you can relax a little bit! No more razor burn and tons of money spent on shaving creams and good quality razors! The freedom days came!


4. You can hang out with your friends again

We know that you feel guilty for all the time you didn’t spend with your friends, but now it’s a good moment to make it up to them. And to yourself! All these chats and gossips and coffees, that is priceless, don’t you agree?


5. Lipstick is on the list again

You can wear your favorite lipstick and making all these amazing makeup combinations, because finally nobody is going to complain about the lipstick marks!

So, girls, being single again isn’t such a bad idea after all! Like Carrie, from “Sex and the City“, said: “Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with. €

Be single and fabulous!