4 Simple Easter Egg Decorating Ideas You Need To Try

If your Easter egg decorating technique has been all about dunking eggs into a dye, it’s finally time to take your Easter eggs one step further this year and we’re bringing you these unique decorating ideas to help you out. All the designs are inexpensive and pretty easy to create, and all the necessary supplies can be found in Walmart or in a craft store.

Check out these simple Easter egg decorating tips for the colorful Easter

1-Blackboard eggs

Coating eggs with a layer of chalkboard paint is a great idea that gives you a chance to write personalized messages with chalk on eggshells that will put a smile on your children’s face.

Easter Egg Decorating


2-Tattooed eggs

This super easy idea is guaranteed to provide you with the coolest eggs on the block – and your kids are going to go crazy about them. These no-dye eggs are decorated by simply applying the fake tattoos on top of eggs – exactly the same way you would do on your skin.

Easter Egg Decorating


3-Bluebird egg

If you’re looking for a real eye-taking Easter egg decorating idea that will make everyone admire your Easter table, these bird eggs displayed in little nests or grass beds are the right pick for you. First, dye eggs and let them dry completely. Take a printed paper and cut a wing shape out of it then glue it to the side of an egg. Use a yellow card-stock for the triangles (beaks) that you will glue on top of eggs and draw an eye using a black marker.

Easter Egg Decorating


4-Ombre eggs

One of our favorite Easter egg decorating ideas is this very easy technique that will provide you make your Easter eggs a real aesthetic spectacle that is at the same time very subtle and very stylish. Get your dye ready and then soak the eggs for a different amount of time, taking them out quickly for a soft hint of color, and leaving them in longer for a richer hue.

Easter Egg Decorating