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Silk Maxi Dresses

This is the third time now that I’ve worn one of Nili Lotan’s ravishing Silk Maxi Dresses  to fancier occasions. I’m convinced that it’s genuinely all your closet requirements for night wear. The slim shoulder straps make a sensitive practically 90’s propelled look that falls so flawlessly and moves well with your body. I cut an opening in the greater part of mine as well.

Silk is an extremely soft, luxurious fabric that is at once both versatile & durable. Fashioned from natural proteins, silk is inherently strong, and possesses some of the most coveted traits of today’s modern fabrics.

Silk is surprisingly easy to care for and will retain its beauty for years €“in fact, that’s why silk is so often used in legacy and heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. It is a truly timeless textile, lending itself perfectly to a variety of uses €“from casual, everyday clothing to cozy bedding, warm accessories, and even formal attire for those extra special occasions.

At WinterSilks, you’ll find high-quality silk clothing for casual day and night wear. Our luxurious fabrics combine the latest trends in cut, print and color with season-savvy styles designed to flatter.

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