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Signs You’re Having Sex in the Wrong Position

1. You’re doing something you found in a film that truth be told is extremely uncomfortable. No doubt, it looked great in that rerun of Gossip Girl you observed a week ago yet in reality, your leg continues cramping and you sort of can’t feel your pelvis. Skip.

2. You’re picking your position taking into account how thin it makes you look. On the off chance that your essential concern is regardless of whether you look model-thin in that position, the chances that it’s really going to be powerful in getting you off are genuinely slim. Furthermore, in case you’re not laying down with somebody who supposes you look hot in all positions, dainty or not, that is a more serious issue in any case.

3. You attempted an different position one time and came immediately. On the off chance that you have one go-to position that in principle you think ought to work for whatever arbitrary reasons you relegated to it (“along these lines, in the event that I need to grab a water, I can!”), however it’s never really that great, and afterward one time you ended up in a different position to an entertaining level of accomplishment, possibly drop your preconceived in respect to what works for you. Also, to that end…

4. You’re not really getting off. In case you’re engaging in sexual relations in one specific position however never truly getting off in that position, or when you do, it’s similar to climbing a clitoral Mt. Everest that includes 20 minutes of extreme focus, that ought to be a really decent marker.

5. You’re making an effort not to foul up your hair. This does a reversal to no. 2 yet has less to do with your body and more to do with the thought that by one means or another should have truly extraordinary sex while your hair and cosmetics stay perfectly in place. This is not a fucking thing and you’re destroying everything for yourself by aiming for it.

6. You generally let your accomplice pick the position. The chances that he’s going to just pick positions that permit you to feel the best conceivable way are thin since he is not in your real body and most likely doesn’t even recognize what those positions are. Try not to surrender it over to him! Flip him over and get into a position that feels stunning for you. Trust me, he’ll be into it.