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5 Signs that you are dating a good man

Every girl wants a good man after she had had quite a few bad relationships and that is a fact! After falling in love with the wrong guy who seemed so good at the beginning, with sweet words that soon turned into lies, a girl just knows to recognise the values that a true man should possess.

Signs that you are dating a good man


1. He listens

Every guy that really cares about his girl would carefully listen to her. He is honestly interested in what she has to say and what’s going in her life in general. He tries to be empathetic when she goes through a rough patch or he is just listening and trying to understand how she feels. If you date a good guy you would know how it’s easy to open up because you know that someone cares and listens attentively.

2. He is honest

A truly good guy will try to build a relationship with you based on honesty and trust,  and he will not mislead you in any way. Being with a good man is so easy because you know where you are at! There are no unpleasant surprises and you feel free and safe around him!

3. He is supportive

For a good man, your success is his success! A good guy won’t feel threatened by your success or by the fact that you are better than him in some things. Instead of that, he will support you and encourage you to follow your dreams and he will be the wind in your wings. He will be that person who will say “You can do it” when everybody else doesn’t believe in you anymore.

4. A good man will always tell how beautiful you are

If you are dating a good man, you know that someone loves you and cherish you just the way you are. You are totally free to be yourself and feel gorgeous, because he will always be there to remind you how special you are to him!

5. He inspires you

A good man will always give you a good example with his own lifestyle, values and priorities. With him, you would feel like your personality is growing and developing more and more. He will be your true role model for a better version of yourself.