he is not interested in you

6 signs that he is just not that into you

Since the famous Burger’s sentence to Miranda “He is not that into you” in the Sex and the City, many of us girls have the epiphany that there are situations when he is just not interested! Nevertheless, we always struggle to be clear with the signs and we all tend to confuse the mixed signals.

You all know this situation: you date a cute guy and you really, really like him but you cannot tell for sure if he is into you or not. One day he acts like a prince charming and make you feel like the most special girl and the next day, he just acts like some random stranger who doesn’t care at all. And you suddenly feel extremely confused. Not to mention, that you have already developed some feelings for this guy.

Signs that he is actually not interested in you

Sometimes all the girl needs to do is to keep her eyes open to these signs:


1. You always text him first

A guy who is truly interested in a girl, will always try to keep the contact and will text her no matter what. Excuses that he didn’t have the time, and that he was busy are just that: excuses! So, girls, when you meet a guy next time who just text you randomly and when he has nothing else to do, the answer is simple: he is not that into you!

2. It’s been a while and you still haven’t met his friends

Friends are an important part of a man’s life and if you notice that he doesn’t have the intention to introduce you to his friends, well, that’s kinda a red flag! Big warning sign! The chances are that you are just a fling! Some guys, though tend to wait until they decide to introduce their girlfriends to their buddies, but if too much time has passed, you just have to be true to yourself: he is not interested in you.