good relationship

4 signs of a good relationship

A good relationship with a man she loves is a dream of every girl! Relationships are not easy, they are complicated and require a lot of effort! Sometimes, love is not enough for a relationship to work. All sets of skills are really necessary for one relationship to be successful!

Compromising, patience, talk and understanding are just some of the things that are crucial for a sound relationship.

Signs of a good relationship – the  things you should always have in mind


1. You understand and appreciate each other

You should never take your partner for granted! It is so easy to slip into the bad habit of assuming that someone belongs to us and then treat that person with less respect! We should always be grateful if we have someone who is good, kind and who treat us well. So, if you have a partner who respects and appreciates you, that is a clear sign that you are in a good relationship!

2. You and  your partner  have friendships outside your relationship

Friendships are really important!  They give us a sense of belonging and safety. The friends are our support and joy, and if you two have a good relationship, you will  be aware that you should cherish your friendships with other people.

3. You don’t hold grudges for too long

Every couple has fights once in awhile, but that doesn’t mean they do not love each other! However, you shouldn’t be angry with one another for too long! You should clear things out as soon as possible so you could move on.

4. Talk, talk  and talk

The most important sign of healthy and good relationship is the ability of partners to talk with each other about anything! Communication is essential in the relationships and if that goes wrong, the most likely thing that will happen is two people who go separate ways!