I am addicted to you - Sienna Miller’s New Red Hair Color And Red Nude Makeup 2

Sienna Miller’s New Red Hair Color And Red Nude Makeup


Even if the leaves have yet to turn shades of gold and russet, the guarantee of fall has a number of us pining for some wealthier, more deeper lowlights €”or, in Sienna Miller’s case, motivated her to color her hair a bold shade of flaming reddish that feels as warm as a chimney. With her chin-length chop grown out into a shaggy, shoulder-touching bob, her newly tinted layers tackled an inconspicuous grunge vibe that was right in line with her basic V neck and skinny jeans. Keeping in mind her natural new hue matched shockingly well with glowing skin and a touch of nude makeup, we’re watching out for Miller’s first statement lip of the season.


There’s not a lot style-wise Sienna Miller can do without people talking about it. When she cut her long blonde hair short in 2006, the new €˜do became almost as copied as the Balenciaga bags and low-slung belts she had made so ridiculously popular a couple of years previously.

Last night she showed up to the launch of sister Savannah’s new clothing line, Nine by Savannah Miller, with a brand new hair colour which was in sharp contrast to Savannah’s still-blonde tresses.

But it’s not the first time Miller has played around with her hair colour. In 2004 at her first Oscars appearance, she showed up as a brunette on the arm of Jude Law. In 2012, she confessed to Marie Claire that she spent a year coating her hair in ketchup after a henna hair dye gave her a green tinge.


She had a slightly more successful stint with darker hair opposite Bradley Cooper in 2014’s American Sniper and was ahead of her time with the pink hair she wore at the British Fashion Awards in 2013.


Though we know it won’t last five minutes before we’re all talking about something else she’s done/worn/dyed, we think Miller’s new autumnal Mary-Jane Watson hue suits her. Besides, we just really enjoy the fact that Sienna has gone… er, burnt Sienna.