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Shocking Videos Of Kardashian-Jenner Face Transformations


In a recent SNL monologue comedian Amy Schumacher made a joke about the Kardashian-Jenner clan saying that they take their face as simply a light suggestion. Schumacher did joke, but if you take a look at some of the videos that circle around YouTube, you will see that the change in the appearance of said reality TV stars is more that evident.


Of course, one can argue that success in any media job is bound to change the way we look since TV is a sternly visual medium. Different factors always contribute to the way we shape our face €“ it could be an attempt to cover up signs of aging or it simply could be a change in circumstances, after all they now can afford way savvier makeup experts then before. Cosmetic surgery might play a part too €“ even though different members of the family have different things to say about needles and knives.


Kim, for example, swears she never did undergo a nose job but she does admit receiveing fillers. Kylie famously denied doing the lip surgery for years, but finally admitted that she gets injections. Kourthey always was open about having breast implants.


We are not here to judge, of course. But it is ours to take a look at all these transformative videos artist Saint Hoax created. They are easily accessible on Instagram- and are quite honestly very interesting. Time-lapse shows the transformation of different Kardashian and Jenner faces through time. If it only included various makeup techniques than their makeup artist should receive some sort of grand prize. Oppinions in the comments differ greatly. Cosmetic surgeons could be involved in there, but then on the other hand, modern cosmetic products did evolve in recent years. It is possible to make such change reality without surgery with right makeup artists at disposal.