shattered glass nails

Shattered glass nails – totally amazing inovation

Shattered glass nails are an absolute hit and new artistic ways of doing the nails! Something completely new on the market! And, we thought that wouldn’t be possible and we’ve seen it all!

The nail artist Eunkyung Park from South Korea proved us wrong! She developed the whole new shattered glass nails technique in her Unistella Nail Salon in Seoul. Almost every celebrity did her nails at least once in this popular place. Eunkyung teamed up with Amorepacific company and created glass nail stickers. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the USA, but we keep our fingers crossed that it will come soon  because they are simply stunning!

Shattered glass nails – something totally new on the market

Shattered glass nails are truly something different when it comes to the nails art! They resemble the shards of glass and with their iridescence, they look like glowing. They are usually done in two versions: the shards or the arranged gemstone version. The gemstone is a little bit more sophisticated but it si still futuristically glamorous.

For years, nail artists were creating a similar look with holographic hoop tape, and if you do it at home you still can make a similar effect on your nails. The nail artist that developed this new technique said that she was inspired by abalone, a sea snail with a very pretty lining in its shell resembling a pearl, similar to an oyster.

It all started with bits of cellophane  that she pasted onto her nails and Instagram users just loved it! Later, she teamed up with Amorepacific and developed glass nails stickers. Take a look at our gallery and you’ll be amazed by this new technique! For girls that want provocative and unique design, this would be a perfect choice! It would certainly catch attention wherever you go!

In the meantime, while waiting for this trend to come to your country, enjoy looking at these photos!