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Shaping the future of design: meet the newest talents


For a look of the future, take a look at the fledgling designers’ names that have quite recently hit our radar. Nothing negates the maxim: “Youth is wasted on the young” quicker than this line-up of stellar talent €”and it’s all in the August issue of Swarovski Online Magazine.


Italian picture taker Valentina Fruguiele’s sets the tone with her clear streetstyle symbolism, while individual style blogger Laura Comolli, includes some picture building lessons of her own, however what has cleared us out this year is the explosion of genuine design awards that have slung beforehand concealed youthful talents to worldwide consideration. Take the 2015 International Talent Support Award in Trieste, Italy: began by Barbara Franchin fourteen years prior, it’s not overstating to say that it’s turned into a global phenomenon. When you get an ITS Award, you’re well on your way. In this way, good fortunes to South Korea’s YunSun Jang, China’s In Wai Kwok and Japan’s Kota Okuda €”don’t miss the photograph essay of each of the ten finalists’ work in the magazine. One who is now on her voyage is Italian-born Sarah Ysabel Dyne Narici €”the unique aesthetic of her shocking adornments was initially seen in Trieste in 2013.

These youthful designers were not the only one. New York’s Parsons School of Design turns out a large group of stellar graduated class who guarantee that the spotlight once in a while leaves this excellent college. Swarovski recognized five wonderful talents among the last year students €”step forward Michael K’ Yan Yip, Eric turro, Jessica Shim, Robert Giordano and Katrya Kyla Centeno, three of whose outfits were shown in Saks Fifth Avenue’s store window.


Congrats are additionally because of Alessandra Maffei, who grabbed an ISKO I-SKOOL „¢ Denim Talent Award; and Polimoda student Violante Toscani, whose final-year gathering was chosen to show up on the catwalk in Florence. Paris’ ANDAM Fashion Award saluted three developing designers: Charlotte Chesnais, Léa Peckre and Stéphane Ashpool. Furthermore, China’s Masha Ma, globally well known at the time of only thirty, shows how she took the world by storm with her stunning the future of design: meet the newest talents.