Shakira Wanted Her

Why Shakira Wanted Her Zootopia Character To Be Less ‘Skinny’

Lending her voice for a Disney movie Zootopia, Shakira wanted her character Gazelle not to only sound like her, but also to look more like her. Even though it’s been more than 10 years now that her hit ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ shook all the radio stations around the world (and undoubtedly many hips along), Shakira proved that she still stays true to her famous lyrics.

When she was offered the role in Zootopia, Shakira instantly fell in love with the description of her character’s personality and all the things lovely Gazelle stood for. She was immediately ready to take over her new role, however, with a request for tiny alteration – Gazelle’s shape.

Shakira Wanted Her

Shakira wanted her Zootopia character Gazelle to be curvier – and Disney liked the idea

After filmmakers made the character’s hair and eyelashes more closely resemble the singer’s, Shakira found one more update necessary – enhanced, i.e. bigger hips. As she felt that her character was a bit too skinny while it should have looked more like her, she asked the director to give Gazelle a little more meat – and that’s how it was.

And before you rush to think of Shakira as vain or spoiled – the beautiful pop star explained that this character change wasn’t important only to her personality, but for the overall message that film had to give.

Shakira also noted that she and her character Gazelle have many things in color. Except for the eye color, hair and dressing style, the two stars also share a sense of ‘social responsibility’ and awareness of ‘the impact she has on people who follow and listen to her’.

Last month, Shakira shared this sweet photo of her holding a mini doll version of Gazelle with a caption that mentioned how her 1-year-old son is crazy about the Gazelle doll and has been eating her fringe skirt.

Shakira Wanted Her