Sexy Costumes You Can Make With Clothes You Wear Again


You are basically left with three options if you decide to go the sexy Halloween costume route. The three includes the super sexy ones which involve the whole lingerie and mouse ear thing, a fun sexy costume or classy sexy costumes. Below are some ot the best ideas and which are most searched on iamaddictedtoyou. And they are for girls who want to look tastefully sexy.



You can wear this while visiting your parents, attending a Halloween party or going to the club The witch, which involves a black lace dress, lace up heels topped with a classic hat. Which is a perfect ensemble for a witch and it leaves you standing from the rest of the crowd. Minnie mouse, this look entails wearing a dot dress and some sassy lace up flats. You should complete your Minnie mouse costume with ears.



The princess Halloween costume which is a great excuse for getting another use out of your old favorite formal dress. This dresses looked too good on you to be worn once anyway and this look ensures they are put back to your wardrobe. The cat Halloween costume, which involves mixing a skintight all black outfit with ears, you can then add some kind of cat print and voila. This is a great ensemble of a cat. Pirate Halloween costume that involves a lace up body suit, and thigh high heeled boots. Put on a loose fitting skirt and a pirate heart and you will be set.



The mermaid Halloween costume, involving a crop top and fitted mermaid skirt. This will keep you covered while still looking alluring with that mermaid loo Vampire Halloween costume, that involves a black cape dress and booties. This makes a classic vampire look though fangs alone are enough to transform you to a sexy vampire. Princess Leila Halloween look, all you will need for this look is a white dress and braided buns. Add a blaster to complete the princess Leia look