I am addicted to you - Selena Gomez does the Blake Lively Challenge 5

Selena Gomez does the Blake Lively Challenge


During April of this year, Blake Lively wore an astonishing ten different outfits in one day. Since then a lot of folks have tried to repeat her accomplishment. One that did succeed is Selena Gomez, who is currently very busy with promoting Revival in New York City.

Still, it took Gomez two whole days €“ which is quite a feat! She can be praised for the sheer diversity of her attires- she wore dresses, jumpsuits and v-neck blouses too. Of course, she followed her keen sense of style and wore them all in a classy neutral color palette.


Her little adventure started easy enough, with a David Koma designed mini dress. Classic choices like this rarely disappoint, and Selena certainly hit the mark with this one.   Next followed a white IsableMarant jumpsuit in which she did an interview for Z100 radio station.   Her first day of the challenge ended with a sexy black revealing dress and a pretty spot on black jumpsuit. She was merely warming up, as it was evident when we had the honor of witnessing her rapid change of attires on Day 2.


On the beginning of day 2 she wore cream turtleneck and a skirt. Lovely little combination for a chilly fall morning, and it looks cute on her. Soon she changed into a lovely brown tan trench coat. Another classic mini black dress followed, and it was evident Selena is on a roll here. Finally, she appeared on the Tonight Show wearing a sequined mini dress that looked particularly stunning. A vast array of similar dresses followed, with the last one of the day being arguably the sexiest one €“ a gorgeous rainbow sequin topped with open toe boots and a big larger-then-life smile.


Congratulations, Selena, for this amazing achievement!