SEEfest Mission

SEEME Video Contest – Win A Trip To LA

To enter, go to SEEfest facebook page and click on the app SEEME Video  Contest :


Do you make movies? Show us how you express your passion with a short  film that personifies you, then rally your friends to vote for your video on  our Facebook page! A winner will be chosen from the top 10 videos with the  most votes and will be flown to Los Angeles, CA for the South East  European Film Festival.


RULES For SEEME Video Contest:

Videos must be less than 3 minutes long.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 27.

Films should be made for the purpose of this contest.

(videos made  previously will be disqualified)

SEEfest Mission

Southeast European Film Festival in Los Angeles (SEEfest) educates about  and promotes cultural diversity of South East Europe through its annual  presentations of films from this region and year-round screenings and  programs.

SEEfest Mission

SEEfest organizes conferences and retrospectives, serves as the cultural hub  and resource for scholars and filmmakers, and creates opportunities for  cultural exchange between Southern California and South East Europe.


SeeFest Celebrates it’s 11th Anniversary April 2016

SEEfest is the premier Hollywood showcase for the cinematic and cultural  diversity of Southeast Europe. Now approaching its 11th anniversary in April  2016, the festival presents award-winning and acclaimed films, art  installations, filmmaker talks and business conference celebrating and  promoting the cinema and people of this dynamic, critical and volatile  region, where East meets West.

SEEFest 2015 Closing Night Awards Gala - Isolde and Arnold Schwartzman, Academy

Festival attendees of all ages have deep roots in philanthropy, support of the  arts, cultural institutions, and the Hollywood community. SEEfest is the only  dedicated venue for power-players from Los Angeles and Southeast Europe  to meet, share work with an audience and each other, and develop new  projects together.


Over the past decade, under the leadership of Vera Mijojlic, SEEfest has not  only established a successful, respected entertainment brand, but also has  been recognized and lauded by the Hollywood and foreign film  communities, receiving widespread domestic and international media  coverage in The Hollywood Reporter, Screen International, LA Times,  KCRW, KNX, Cinema Without Borders, plus many others.


SEEfest is week-long event and takes place annually at the end of April-beginning of May, in Los Angeles, CA. Awards are given in all categories  by juries of Hollywood professionals. For more info, please visit

SEEFest Business Conference 2015 at the Goethe Institut in Los Angeles


 Support SEEfest

Making a donation to SEEfest supports international cinema in Los Angeles  and new film talents from south-eastern parts of Europe. You will join a  circle of other internationally-minded people who are interested in what is  happening in the rest of the world who support the festival and make our  work possible. You can contribute online  #sponsor or you can write a check to payable to SEEfest and mail it  to:



7119 W. Sunset Blvd., #306

Los Angeles, CA 90046.


South East European Film Festival is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, public benefit  corporation. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by  the law.


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