I am addicted To You - See The Full Balmain X H&M Colloboration Lookbook 1

See The Full Balmain X H&M Colloboration Lookbook


Every member of oliever rousteing Balbain army knows the satin, embroidery and skin tight tailoring as they are their signature. For shoppers on budget, these are the details that fans of the brand will find on the upcoming H&M collaboration out November 5. On women wear look book, you will find recreations of balmain classic from pearl embellished dresses to oversize leather coats. The collection doesn’t skip men either; see the structured and stripped men’s ensembles. Below is a chat with Rousteing on the importance of craftsmanship, his inspiration and how fans have influenced the collaboration.


I am addicted To You - See The Full Balmain X H&M Colloboration Lookbook 2

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Asked how important it is to bring balmain elevated techniques like beading in H&M collaboration, he says there is no compromise if you are collaborating with Balmain. He talks of craftsmanship being very important to him and embellishment being part of his work from beginning. Allover beaded was the first Balmain collection and its through H&M that he will be giving it to the world.


Asked about the spirit he wanted to invoke and how different it is from ready to wear, he says he wanted to capture the confidence, sexiness and power of the house. He also says Balmain is about taking the traditions and techniques of a French power house and opening them to new world, about a new generation and feeling sexy and fierce and you wear their clothes.


Asked why all the looks are a recreation of Balmain runway look instead of debuting new looks, he say he loves seeing kids who always dreamt of wearing Balmain in this collection. His funs on istagram are also always telling him about his designs and the pieces they would want to wear and he always put all these to consideration.


Asked how he thinks his huge instagram follower will act to this collaboration, he says they have created a hush tag HMBalmaination which stands for a new nation of warriors from the entire world coming together for this collaboration. The collaboration he says is not only about new clothes but also creating a new fashion, a positive message of tolerance, happiness, peace and freedom.


Asked whether he foresee another collaboration in future, he says he has been in another collaboration in the past and his main mission now is challenge both himself and H&M to make it the best it could ever be.