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See How Selena Gomez Just Became The Queen Of Instagram

Yes, it’s true, Selena Gomez just managed to take her best friend Taylor Swift off the Instagram’s throne and become the most followed person on this social network – with the head spinning 70 million followers (and counting). And we can totally see why!

While we hope that the newest Instagram throne update brings no bad blood between the two stunning singers, one scroll through the baby-face beauty’s Instagram account is all the proof you need to be convinced that she really does deserve to rule the world of Instagram.


Selena Gomez just became a ruler of Instagram

But, how does she manage to be so Insta-fabulous?

First of all, she’s not a slave to social media, unlike many other celebrities. She posts significantly fewer photos than some other young stars, for example, Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande – which is making her even more attractive to the curious eye of public.

Secondly, her fans literally adore her. And how couldn’t they? They seem to be very passionate and excited to see any Selena output. Her famous on-off relationship with Justin Bieber and sweet friendship with Taylor Swift only made her more interesting and relevant to the public, gaining her even more fans.

Furthermore, many of her posts include unexpected celebrity pals, like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston. Seriously, how many of us can show off being friends with Brad Pitt!

And while Selena Gomez just won the prestigious ‘Queen of Instagram‘ title, she keeps her Instagram content pretty ‘relatable’ with her relaxed vibe and fun, down to earth attitude. This important factor helps her fans and her fans-to-be feel more connected with her low-key manner that rarely sees any pouting selfies or views from luxury yachts and glamorous hotel rooms.

#1. Effortlessly cool


#2. Incredibly cute

Selena Gomez


#3. Selena Gomez chatting with (oh, still so fabulous) Brad Pitt

Selena Gomez


#4. She seems to know a thing or two about taking a good selfie

Selena Gomez


#5. The way they used to be – Justin & Selena

Selena Gomez