Girls wearing men's underwear

Secrets About The Girls Wearing Men’s Underwear

There is a secret about the girls wearing men’s underwear! We all know, that we, boys and girls, are not the same. We are different! Like in that famous saying, “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” that portrays a difference between the men and women. How many times have you heard ” I will never understand women” from your male friends? A lot! Even the famous father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud said: “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?”

We girls differ from men in many things, the way we express our emotions, how we deal with the emotional situations and of course, we differ greatly in our interest in fashion! The fashion is mainly girl’s area – there is no woman that is not interested in fashion, one way or another. The special part of fashion that is truly blossoming in the world of fashion is the underwear section! Women are nowadays more than ever encouraged to enjoy their bodies and to feel free and liberated from conventional boundaries that were set up years before.

Today’s woman is self-confident, aware of her beauty and free to choose the best for herself. Among the choice that is really enormous nowadays in woman’s underwear fashion, there is a group of girls that defy the rules and choose to wear a different type of underwear: men’s underwear. What is the secret about the girls wearing men’s underwear? The girls wearing men’s underwear are told to be brave and courageous. They represent the new generation of women – women who are inclined to wear comfortable things and who are self-confident to feel sexy even in men’s underwear.

The girls wearing men’s underwear tell that they choose it mainly for this underwear is comfortable. Some of the girls started to use it during the pregnancy and realized that it suits them perfectly. Some of the girls wearing men’s underwear give the reason of staying warm because the fabric is thicker and it is warmer during the cold, winter days.

And, we can argue, that on some subconscious level, the girls wearing men’s underwear want to be totally equal to men. Maybe, it is the game of power old as the civilization itself. Famous Sigmund Freud would certainly have something to say about this. However, the girls wearing men’s underwear are equally attractive to men, some find them, even more, exciting due to their bold decisions to wear something different. Maybe  the girls wearing men’s underwear do know some secret?