Sea Bunny

Sea Bunny! The Cutest Underwater Creatures Ever!

Meet the most adorable  sea creature ever! The Sea Bunny!

Sea Bunny, The new social figure all around the world! When you hear the word sea slug, I assume the image of something adorable and cute is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But the so called €œSea Bunny € whose scientific name is Jorunna Parva proves this assumption wrong.  These cute white-furry looking sea slugs can be found from the Indian Ocean to the Philippines to Japan and they’re quite interesting creatures. Here are some really cool facts about the €œSea Bunny €.


1.They Don’t Have Fur

The fur coat you see on the sea bunny is usually yellow or orange, not white. Also, it’s definitely not fur, what you see are actually groups of small rods known as caryophyllidia,  which cover its back. These rods group around tiny black knobs from the slug that are believed to be sensory organs and this is how they get their spotted look.


2.Their Ears Are Sensory Organs

The two tiny ears that give the slug its bunny looking appearance are rhinophores, which are sensory organs that help them identify chemicals in the water and allow them to find food and mates.


3.They’re Hermaphrodites

Interestingly, when sea bunnies mate with one another, both partners will exchange sperm because a sea bunny has both male and female reproductive organs.


4.They’re Incredibly Toxic

The sea bunny slug steals toxic defenses from its food, which is why they are incredibly toxic. These cute slugs often eat sponges, which contain toxins that are commonly used in cancer treatments. They’re also capable of stealing the stingers from a jelly fish to use them for their own defense against predators. Predators know to stay away from these cute but incredibly toxic creatures.


When we see a cute little bunny, we never imagine they can harm us. But these fascinating underwater creatures that are less than an inch small prove that not everything that looks cute is harmless!