Savage Beauty Private View by Alexander McQueen

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Savage Beauty Private View and Dinner by Alexander McQueen.

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Throwing a lavish event at Victoria and Albert Museum, Alexander McQueen is creatively exhibiting private view for the stars. The dinner was attended by high profile fashionistas and TV personalities from Jodie Kidd to Graham Norton. The celebration was star studded event and the fashion design house projected fine craft of their gowns and suits. All of the guests arrived looking chic and fabulous.

These guests paid a tribute for the late Alexander McQueen in Savage Beauty. 10 rooms were decorated to present different showcase of the designer’s work of art. The dinner guests were striking pose before they enter the museum hall. And all of them looked really sleek and stunning.

The influential creation in fashion industry cannot leave Alexander Mcqueen behind. He had been a great designer whose worked has been worn by celebrities and high profile personals. This even took them to the emotional journey of the late designer and how he worked with the crafting from the first stage. It was a privilege for these stars like Yasmin Le Bon and actress Olivia Grant who arrived on the museum to celebrate the Savage Beauty. The show was magnificent and all of them feel the passion and the lifetime of work from Alexander McQueen.

Alexander Mcqueen design is characterized by his unique statement and anti mainstream establishment. As a trend setter, his work often were found as provocateur in a very positive way. Also arrived on the Savage Beauty event were model, Nathaniel Weller and Swedish star, Robert Konjic who dress formally with his suit and tie.

This private viewing was a successful event in London and it boasted various news to the set as who were coming and what were displayed in the private exhibition.