These are Samantha Cameron style secrets.Mrs Cameron is often seen in Preen, Peter Pilotto, Emilia Wickstead, Jonathan Saunders, Osman, Erdem and Alexander McQueen but these are not cheap labels. However as an Ambassador to the British Fashion Council, Sam Cam has inside access to the a pool of talent, most of whom are happy to lend her clothes in return.Lend here is the key word.She really does shop on the high street, is no stranger to Zara (she €œloves, loves Zara €) and knows her way around Cos, Reiss and Uniqlo.Her main hunting ground however, is upper end high street €“ Russell & Bromley for shoes, Jigsaw and those lines which, in American would be termed €œbridge €, such as Whistles and Joseph. She once told me she buys all her trousers from the latter.Sam Cam studied art at Bristol Poly (now the University of the West of England) and seems to have a natural flair for colour.Another tenet of Cam-servatism is a scrupulous attention to detail. She knows about fabrics and if something doesn’t fit, she has it altered, which makes those high street bargains look much more expensive than they are. As for her services to the belt industry – indefatigable. And wise: not only do they accentuate her waist, they always add gloss to a high street buy. Sleek professionalism rather than corporate uniformity is her stated aim; mission largely accomplished.


Yet she has rather cleverly used fashion to make her family seem more contemporary than their social background might otherwise have done, and taken advantage of the spotlight to promote one of Britain’s most successful creative fields.

Samantha Cameron has no official title, official budget or help with her wardrobe, despite finding herself, as the Prime Minister’s wife, on the international stage and ipso facto representing her country. Isabel Spearman, a former fashion PR and family friend, offered sterling help in the Downing Street office, shopping and scouting for Sam Cam when the latter couldn’t get out herself.