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Sale Of Sotheby Portraits Legendary Photographer Francesco Scavullo


Tomorrow, So the by host one online sales individual portraits by legendary photographer Francesco Scavullo . Famous for his interpretation of beauty and glamor , celebrities Scavullo shot of fashion, film, music, art and sport, including Barbra Streisand, Caitlyn Jenner , Grace Kelly , Cindy Crawford and Grace Jones – long his six-decade career . Look for your first look at the image collection and view the complete sale



“Light Francesco Scavullo really understand . His images are really beautiful . I think it reflects their own beauty of the mind … as an artist , as a human being … as did subjects who honored with his camera. I miss you. ” -Barbra Streisand”You can feel the love of his subjects. He celebrated beauty and women , not only glamorous , but purity. ” Brooke Shields



“It was a person mirage that is the most glamorous moment in New York. Francesco really appreciate the work that I went into the creation of a glamorous effect . I am very young when I worked with him , but M ‘ treated with respect and have always wanted to work in image decision. ” Christy Turlington



” I Being shot by Francesco Scavullo many years, clearly stands out in my mind as one of the highlights of my career. As with the great artists and photographers, who knew what he wanted and how to get the results I needed. I the first thing was a cover High Times and Pierre Roche and Steven Sprouse doing makeup and hairstyle. all seems very easy and I felt at ease knowing how professional they were. every time I work with someone like Francesco , I make discoveries either about myself or about art. I remember thinking then that would not be so unusual outbreaks , ever. ” Debbie Harry