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Salavat Fidai Art With Tip Of Pencil

Salavat Fidai Art With Tip Of Pencil

Salavat Fidai, you take my breath away with…

Pencils?  Love comes to us often in surprising ways.

What images come to mind when you hear the word pencil? I think of my youth, school or a dreaded test using Scantron.

The mind is an amazing instrument of creation. Some minds have an uncanny imagination and give amazing attention to details. Salavat Fidai is a carving master, a king of uniqueness in symbolic gestures in places you would never expect to find quality art. Fadai’s one-of-a-kind sculptures chiseled into defined masterpieces are so tiny you might need a magnifying glass to even see it.

I never thought of pencils as art collections. If the tip of a pencil is so beautiful you hesitate to write with it, what can you do instead?  Admire it.

Fidai takes your breath away using pencil art in miniatures and replicas of Van Gogh on match boxes, and stunning depictions in oil on canvas. This Russian lawyer-turned-artist is taking the art community by the storm.

Salavat Fidai is proves that artists can create smaller versus larger pieces to be an established artist. The son of art teachers, Fidai was laid off last year from his lawyer career near his home of Ufa, Russia.  A single work light paved the way for Fidai to create his tiny sculptures using a craft knife and 4x magnifying glass out of pencil lead.

You can only see the details by using a macro lens and photographs which reveal the great detail of faces, hands and symbols. One pencil sculpture is a fist with the word “Freedom” inscribed on the arm. It was a tribute to the murdered artists of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

His work always goes out to followers of Fidai’s Instagram feed before it is posted for sale. Most of his customers are from the United States, Australia and Europe.

Check out Salavat Fidai so you can see for yourself. Sometimes less words is more. It’s all in the expression of a lost breath. Ahhhhh…

Salavat Fidai Art With Tip Of PencilSalavat Fidai Art With Tip Of Pencil
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