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Runway Tips For Upgrading Your Halloween Costume


Halloween can be quite scary, not for the actual witches and ghouls that flock to the streets but for the extremely frightening thought that someone else in your vicinity might end up wearing the same costume as you. There’s no bigger shame, really, since that means countless people will point to you two and make sure everyone knows you are dressed absolutely the same.



But don’t fret over it because we are here to show you a few ways to make sure that never happens. Like people often do, we turned our attention toward the runways, and chose a few designs that will be both awesome and original. With these you won’t have to wear the same old store bought Chewbacca costume, you’ll have something truly unique!



Marc Jacobs had a perfect combination for Halloween in his Spring 2016 show. Since the days of popular teen high-school themed movies cheerleaders have been a popular choice to dress up into for Halloween. With this costume, you will not look like a classic cheerleader since it features fun face paint, a gleaming skirt and is overall really cool looking!


Balenciaga had a costume that would fit in Halloween quite nicely too. This time it is an eerie angel inspired combination that would make you look heavenly. All in what it has a certain ghostly feel to it, you will look like a creature from dreams, and ideal and original idea for Halloween.





To counterpoint the angels, Marques Alemida created a sexy devil costume. Worry not, we are not telling you to wear the same store ought horns and a plastic trident, we are talking about the lovely costume colored in dark red that the designer prepared for Spring of 2016. You will look awesome in those leather pants, especially if you let you hair loose and put on some wild mascara.