I am addicted to you - Runway Beauty Looks Inspired By Halloween 5

Runway Beauty Looks Inspired By Halloween


As Halloween approaches, it is only normal for at least few fashion designers to prepare a few spooky combinations for us. People like Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens and Commes Des Garcons never fail to exhilarate us with truly creative creations. We prepared some of the best looks we saw on runways from all over the globe for you.



Alexander McQueen created very scary attire for his Fall 2009 collection. Blood red lipstick that goes well beyond model’s lips, pale makeup and no eyebrows are guaranteed to spook anyone out. Add a creative haircut that’s actually a lot of empty cans painted in white and secured to model’s head with some gauze €“ and you will win the best Halloween costume award.



Commes De Garcons has plenty of ghastly combinations, but in Fall of 2015 they outdid himself. Ghost white was the predominant color on the model who wore the combination. From white powder on her face to long ghost-like dress €“ she adorned no other color. Black hair offered some contrast that made her look like stuff from our scariest nightmares. To make matters even more spine-chilling, her hair was weaved like a spider net with some hair spray, and went all around her face, covering even her eyes.



Jacquemus made a daring trick in Fall of 2015, and surely spooked many observers who were present on the show. With a simple yet effective trick, he drew a second face right next to model’s left eye and covered her real face with her hair. Result was surreal, and if you do the same, you will have an effective and easy-to-make Halloween costume.



Sometimes best thing to do is mimic the best, especially if you do not have the time to plan a Halloween costume. Dress like one of these and your friends will be delighted!