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I am addicted to you - ROUTINE OF A TRENDY WOMAN 1


Trendy women aren’t  superhuman   they are good with the organization.The fashionable friends  have good habits that make looking good, confident, and cool a daily reality.


Plan Their Outfit the Night Before: It’s not magic. The confident women you see out and about really did try to look that way. And it all starts by preparing the outfit the night before to save you from going around in a panic tomorrow.

Give Themselves Plenty of Time to Get Ready: This comes with preparing your outfit at bedtime. Instead of waking up three snooze alarms later, take the morning to prepare your outfit and fix your hair.

Select the Right Undergarments: Trendy women know the base of a beautiful look is good underwear. Plan for the fabric and silhouette of your look with the correct bra, panties, and shapewear to provide the support you need.

Follow Other Stylish Women For Inspiration: Trendy women may look like an art work, but that doesn’t come without studying fashion icons and other ladies with hot style. Go through your Instagram feed or Pinterest board to get new outfit ideas.

Dress For the Weather: It sounds simple enough, but dressing evidently  goes a long way in the style section. Check the weather before going out to avoid being that girl which is going through the snow in her flats or avoiding puddles in your wide-leg flares.

Dress For the Occasion: The good-looking women in the room are always the ones who got the dress code memo. They are shining and fitting €” never the ones dragging at their miniskirt in a room full of traditional looks.

Only Wear Clothes that Fit and Flatter: Sure, even the most stylish women between us probably have a pair of “skinny” jeans they’re waiting to get back into or a top that got taken to the cleaners and was never the same, but they don’t put them on.

Anchor Their Look With One Expensive-Looking Piece: Ever questioned how some women make even jeans and a t-shirt look so hot?It might be a great leather belt, a special pair of earrings, or a nice bag, but in every case, one expensive-looking accessory adds much more sparkle.

Pick the Perfect Accessory: Coco Chanel famously said, “when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” There is a point at which it becomes just too much, and the trendy women know exactly what that point is.

Never Lounge in Their “Good” Clothes: The reason why stylish women’s clothes never look crumpled? They’re not sitting in their blazers or silk dresses on the couch. Get into your favorite leggings or sweatpants, don’t do it in your poplin blouse.

Fold and Hang Up Their Clothes: Your blouses and trousers aren’t just going to magically unwrinkle after you’ve throw them on the floor.Put your clothes right after you wear them to make sure they’re ready the next time you want to wear them, too.

Know When to Wear Heels and When to Wear Flats: No one looks stylish walking down the street in   a very high heels. A fashionable woman is also a clever woman €” she puts in her closet shoes that are as comfortable as they are practical.

Sort Clothes For Laundry and Dry Cleaning: Rather than throwing clothes and forgetting about them, make a custom of sorting your clothes daily.

Always Keep a Fashion Emergency Kit Handy: We can prepare all we want to, but sh*t can hit the fan The difference between the most stylish women and the rest of us is just how organised she is.

Stay True to Their Personal Style: Stylish women never bend to the trends.