I am addicted to you - Rose Moisturizing Spray 8

Rose Moisturizing Spray

Learn about the advantages of rosewater and how to make a super hydrating Rose Moisturizing Spray.

I’ll concede, I haven’t generally been a devotee of the rose. As somebody who is regularly attracted to more masculine fragrances, I was convinced that the aroma of rose was excessively fragile, excessively unsurprising; conjuring, making it impossible powder rooms and out of date ideals. For quite a while I opposed, picking sunflowers for my home and woodsy aromas for my body, however sooner or later something changed. Accuse the $5.99 cottage rose bouquets at Whole Foods (too lovely and inexpensive to stand up to!). Accuse the way that they’re only one more flower my foliage-cherishing cat can gnaw on and not lapse. Blame at Brigette. Be that as it may, I am currently formally changed over, having fallen hard for this fantastic bloom whose fragrance I now comprehend to be much more complex and nuanced than powder rooms and blend at first propose. Other than bringing them into my space as basic bouquets, I’ve started consolidating rosewater into my magnificence routine and my skin is all the better for it.



Other than its exquisite aroma and captivating shading, rosewater is loaded with advantages and has been utilized for quite a long time to soothe and replenish skin. It’s even trusted that Cleopatra was a fan. Alongside its alleviating properties, rosewater can:

Help adjust the PH levels of your skin and soothe blocked pores. Use it as a toner by swiping a rosewater-moistened cotton ball over clean skin.


Decrease irritation. In the event that you have dark circles underneath your eyes, take a stab at drenching a cotton ball in rosewater and holding it under every eye for a couple of minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties will diminish the presence of dark circles.

Promote hair development. Use it as a wash in the shower to make your hair smell fresh, clear dandruff, hydrate strands, and Promote scalp health.