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Woman’s Beauty From 45 Country Around The World

Woman’s beauty inspired the men and artists for centuries! On some of the very well known paintings in the museums all over the world, the women are portrayed in an undying effort for a woman’s beauty to be captured and sealed into the eternity. One of the most renowned painters of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci, painted the most amazing painting of all times – Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa represents the true masterpiece.

The efforts of artists to seize the woman’s beauty didn’t end with the art of painting. With the invention of photography, the new era in the world of art began. The photography gave the artists a completely new tool: a tool capable of portraying a human’s face exactly as it is, every line, every curve, every color. This new technique opened the door to a whole new world – the world of possibilities to save some precious moments in lives from oblivion.

Today’s moment in time is the moment of celebrating the differences! We are more than ever connected to each other, embracing our differences and glorifying the woman’s beauty in all of her forms. We are more than ever prone to open our minds to the new, to the different and to find it amusing and exciting. Until this day, the art and technology of photography developed so much, that taking the pictures becomes a pleasure even for the inexperienced photographers.

In the never ending portraying of woman’s beauty through history, Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc  took the step forward. Mihaela Noroc is the thirty-year-old photographer from Bucharest, Romania. This passionate young woman found her inspiration of life in traveling all around the world with her camera, trying to make the photos that will reveal the true, authentic side of people. She traveled from Western Europe to African Tribes, from China to Brasil.


She perceives a woman’s beauty as a reflection of diversity. To her, woman’s beauty lies in women who are natural, authentic, sincere. On those journeys, she started a project “The Atlas of beauty”.  In the gallery below, you can see the pictures from the atlas and  how this female author carefully portrayed exactly what she declared to be the essence of her view of woman’s beauty. By looking at these different women, from different cultures, you can notice that the beauty is a universal human phenomenon. You can see how different shapes of eyes, different hair, different skin can be beautiful at the same time. How we actually don’t need some cast or predetermined pattern to see the true power of diverse woman’s beauty.


Mihaela Noroc  sends the powerful message to all the women in the world: that they are beautiful just the way they are, no matter from where they come from, to what nation they belong to or what is the color of their eyes. The true woman’s beauty lies in the authenticity of every woman!


Take a look in her Atlas of photography of Woman’s beauty from different countries. Enjoy!