Body Chain

How To Rock A Body Chain Through All The Seasons

We can’t imagine a piece of jewelry so womanly and sensual like a body chain. This eccentric form of body adornment originates from both Indian classical and belly dancers, whose chains clung from their necks onto their bodies, around the waist and down the back.

These days, however, it’s not only dancers who wear them. The beauty of a body chain has been widely recognized by many women around the world, who are looking for a distinctive and unique way of expressing themselves. Also, a body chain is not worn exclusively around the belly anymore, but on many different body parts – shoulders, feet, arms, back, thighs.

How to incorporate a body chain into your style all year around

While a body chain is mostly used as a summer accessory, for it’s the time of the year when we wear most revealing outfits, there are still many ways to make it cold-season-friendly.

It’s pretty easy to combine a body chain with your summer attire – crop tops, low back tops, bustiers, low cut blouses, bikinis. Incorporating it into your winter style gets a little more complicated, but not impossible. It only requires a little planning and some styling skills and inspiration.

Even if you’re to keep it under your clothes, only visible to yourself and your significant other, trust us, the body chain will add some seductive glam to your mood.

However, if you’re aiming to attract some more attention, wearing this piece of jewelry under a sheer top is guaranteed to provide you with a very delicate, yet sexy daily look. Especially those very thin, dazzling chains.

Parties and dressy events are also a great opportunity to wear a body chain. You can combine it with all kinds of low-cuts and sheers and let the others wonder what’s that sparkling magic while you move around.

And most importantly, you can wear them even over your usual daily clothes! All you need is some imagination.

#1 Make a body chain a part of your everyday wear


#2 Dramatic chains to uplift an ordinary outfit


#3 Combine it with an evening attire


#4 …or a suit


#5 Feet chains


#6 Thigh chains


#7 Sensual and subtle