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Check Out Rihanna’s New Sensual Video For ‘Kiss It Better’

Rihanna has recently released her gorgeous new sensual video clip for the single ”Kiss It Better” – and it’s seriously NSFW. This new sensual video, that is for many hard to watch while standing steady or with mouth closed, was directed by Craig McDean.  And features the beautiful singer squirming against the black background.


Rihanna has debuted her new sensual video – and it’s very steamy


Contorting her incredible curvy body and posing in provocative, very revealing see-through lingerie, while the wind is blowing through her carelessly styled locks, Rihanna showed off some of her sexiest, most sensual moves yet. The ultra-sexy combination of erotic swings and free nipples is almost too hard to watch. That’s, however, something that we anyhow can expect from a Rihanna video.

new sensual video

On the other hand, the video at the same time arrives with something totally refreshing and slightly new. Considering that nowadays we’re being bombed by a bunch of ‘racy’ photos and dull,   pointless ‘nakedness’ almost on a daily basis. That special thing about Rihanna’s new sensual video lays in the air of undeniable sophistication, class, and incomparable beauty.

Speaking about the singer’s new sensual video he directed, Craig McDean said the artistic clip was influenced by dadaism and surrealism.  Turning the combination of music and art into a playground for visual experimenting. The overall mood of the video turns it into a tasty, erotic perfection. And the sultriness in it, while definitely alluring, is rather artistic than coquettish.

new sensual video

All in all, Rihanna’s new sensual video is very beautiful and, most importantly, reveals the talented singer’s authentic self, which is the one thing that we can always count on when it comes to her.

Let us remind that the pop singer’s new single comes as a part of her eight, long-anticipated album Anti, currently available for purchase. The single is the second one on the album, following the double-video release of single ”Work” that features Rihanna’s ‘old’ flame, rapper Drake.

new sensual video

What remains is to enjoy this great video!