Rihanna Has Only

Rihanna Has Only One Regret In Life – And It’s About Underwear

Bad girl Rihanna has only one regret in her life – and it involves a wrong thong choice.

Rihanna just gave us one more reason to love April. Her gorgeous April Vogue cover is not only a sweet treat for our eyes, but it also comes together with an equally entertaining interview in which she talks about her new album, her alleged feud with Beyonce and other typical RiRi stuff.

Discussing her latest album ”Anti”, that took her nearly 2 years to release, the beautiful singer said that she is not expecting it to be her best-selling album yet, but that that’s not what she aimed for either. She  explained that she streamed toward revealing her current self on the newest album, without feeling the pressure of making it too big.

And while she has no regrets regarding her music, she does have one regret about her underwear.


Rihanna has only one single regret in her life – not wearing a bedazzled thong

Remember that most naked dress ever that she  wore to the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards‘ red carpet? The totally see-through fishnet gown covered in Swarovski crystals, that exposed almost all of the singer’s ‘secret’ treasures? Well, of course, you do. We all do.

And no, when we say that Rihanna has only one regret in her life, the dress that saw so many mouths drop right to the floor is not it.

Rihanna’s biggest regret is the fact that she didn’t wear a bedazzled thong under the ‘naked’ dress, explaining that she hates seeing lines under her clothes. And while obviously a bra was never an option for that dress, the singer still regrets her choice of underwear, apparently sticking to the logic – ‘the smaller, the better’.


#1.  Rihanna has only one thing to regret in her life

Rihanna Has Only



#2.  And it’s not her most memorable red carpet dress, but the thong she chose to wear underneath

Rihanna Has Only



#3.  Hopefully she gets over it soon. Well, we did.

Rihanna Has Only