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Rihanna crying infront of 15,000 fans in Dublin Arena!

Rihanna crying on stage €¦The headline that flew around the world in a matter of a few hours, and was published by most a-list magazines. Many have asked the obvious question, why? Obviously there could be more interesting news concerning the eight-time Grammy winner and the author of hits such as €œDiamonds € and €œUmbrella €. Could it be that we were so surprised that even the superstars of our time can have feelings, and not be ashamed to show them? Even from places like the stage? The world saw Rihanna crying this Tuesday during her Anti World Tour in Dublin, Ireland.

rihanna cryingVia thesun.co.uk

She was so overwhelmed with tears flowing from her eyes, that she had to take a few second break from the microphone before continuing.It was not immediately clear why the RnB singer has broken down, but it was likely due to overwhelming fan love that was sent to her by thousands of them standing before her. Rihanna crying halted her performing the too well known rendition of €œ”Love the Way You Lie,” her single with Eminem. When this happened, the Irish fans united to help the singer overcome this by singing in tune altogether. Many concertgoers captured this on the famous platform, Instagram. Some of them called the best show of their lives.


Rihanna crying in Dublin is not the first time that she has cried while being up on stage


During her first performance after the Chris Brown scandal, the Barbarian beauty has too fallen victim to emotional star. Back then, it was because the fans in the pit zone have organized a little flash mob with posters to show support for her.  Rihanna breaks down during a concert in Ireland.

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Let’s hope our Rihanna will stop melting each time she has a concert because she breaks our hearts too.