I am addicted to you - Rihanna Chucks A Vast Stack Of Money At Stephen Hill's Face At BET Awards — Watch 4

Rihanna BET Awards 2015 Outstanding Moments

Rihanna BET Awards 2015 Outstanding Moments

Rihanna was one feisty  gal at the 2015 BET Awards! The provocative artist was spotted getting irate with BET’s President of Programming Stephen Hill backstage and before stomping  off, she decked him in the face with an immense wad of bills.

I am addicted to you - Rihanna BET Awards 2015 Outstanding Moments

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No one better bombshell Rihanna, we now recognize what she’s able to do! The “Bitch Better Have My Money” artist pulled truly a couple of stunning tricks amid the BET Awards in LA on June 29. However the oddest  thing she did was  when  she tossed the pile of cash in Stephen Hill’s face backstage! Watch the feature and figure out why she did what she did.

It’s alright fellows, Rihanna just pulled the trick to advance her new feature for “Bitch Better Have My Money!” She and Stephen “kissed and made up” subsequently!

Not just did she pull that trick with Stephen, yet Rihanna was likewise spotted with channel tape in the gathering of people and at a certain point, she pipe taped Floyd Mayweather’s mouth close! That’s right, she tied up his hands and pipe taped his mouth €” he should not have paid her back for something! Fans were adoring Rihanna’s awful young lady courses amid the recompense show, regardless of the fact that it was all a trick for her new feature.