I am addicted to you -Revelation from Katy Perry 9

Revelation from Katy Perry

Katheryn Hudson is a real name of Katy Perry, well-known singer all over the world.

Being a famous singer-star takes a lot of time and force and all the work reflects on the face. Everything seems perfect with you from the stage when a lot of make-up artists and professionals work with your face €“ says Katy. But at the same time she do all her best to take care of her skin even after long working day and remove make-up before the night as if it may sounds boring. Katy prefers to have her skin clean and soft.

Some years ago Katy had a real adult acne. The problem was terrible as nothing helped her except skincare range Proactiv that wasn’t even very expensive. Thanks to make-up artist Gina Brooke a new healing cosmetic was descovered €“ Shu Uemura cleasing oil. The oil is gentle and leaves skin hydrated.

Everyday Katy’s make-up takes a lot of time that consists of highlighting eyes and eyebrows and wearing much mascara. Her real weekness is fragrance, creating new aromas. Favourite ingredients of parfume are vanilla and musk €“ real aphrodisiacs €“ and together they work really well. Confirmation of this fact is her fragrance Mad Potion.

A good parfume is a kind of time machine that remind you of people, places and events. Katy told about some of her memories from childhood when she was a toddler. She played with a new diapler with a Mickey Mouse on it and smelled powder-fresh. She remembered this scent many years later.

Wearing parfume now is a part of Katy’s everyday life. She is confident that parfume can’t transform a person and no matter how much make-up you use, but at the same time a pleasant aroma makes you amazing, because it comes from within. Katy Perry advise to spray parfume not direct on skin, but into the air and around you, when it settle on the dress and hair.

A useful habbit from Katty to stay always in a good mood is to be every day in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes and get some vitamin D. She says it really works.