Relation Between hairstyles and personality

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Relation Between hairstyles and personality

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Relation Between hairstyles and personality

Hairstyles can change the way a person looks.  hairstyles and personality  tells a lot about our appearances and builds an image in the minds of others. But there is much more to hairstyling than we can apparently see. This is has been hitting the fashion world in a big way as the Researchers at the University of Kansas studied the ability to judge people’s personality through their various personal characteristics. Most of the traits are physical and related to a person’s general appearance. It can thus also be concluded that hairstyles too play an important role in the depiction of one’s personality and characteristics. There is  Relation Between hairstyles and personality.  Hair of a person can tell a lot about himself. So here are some fun ways to see how various fashionable hairstyles can make other people judge your personality:

  • Short Pixie hairstyles:

          This hairstyle should be adopted by people who are sassy and funky. It depicts a high confidence level and is ideal for those who want to break all the rules. It does have its young, fresh and sweet appeal to it.

  • The Vintage Inspiration:

          This is especially for those who are less conservative and have a combination of dauntless personality traits and demure characteristics. You can either have a loose vintage wavy hairstyle or the retro looking fab hair accessories pinned up for those curls, your depiction of personality remains the same.

  • The Sleek and Slick look:

          You can go for a neat chignon, high up or low down, or have a neatly knotted tight bun or pony tail taking your hair away from your face. This is the look for people with flair of confidence and these women do not want to be messed up with. They are hard liners, successful and bold.

  • The natural look:

          Leaving the hair the way it is shows that you are positive thinker who is self-assured and have a carefree spirit.

  • The Casual Curls:

          These hairstyles are suitable for people who want to depict a young hearted personality but mature thinking.