I am addicted to you - Recycling old jeans into new fashionable outfits- Stylish and Fabulous 7

Recycling old jeans into new fashionable outfits- Stylish and Fabulous


Do you have a pair or two of the old denim jeans you bought oh-so-long-ago? Don’t want to throw them away just yet? Just recycle them. Jeans can be turned into a lot of chic and new dresses and accessories. They are never really out of fashion. And if you know just what to do with them, you might even be the one starting a new trend!  You could embark on your own sewing projects to bring about durable and high-end or street style fashion galore.


Denim is tough and a material so great to work with; that you can make the best fashion items just by cutting and decorating them. You can find numerous projects that can help you recycle old jeans and refresh your wardrobe. So let the ideas flow and turn your old denims into something brand new!


Let the Creativity Begin!

  1. Alter your old jeans into a maxi skirt to create a beautiful and chic outfit.
  2. Convert those old denims into a pair of stunning flap miniskirts.
  3. What do you think about a midi skirt? Chic and sensual especially when worn with boots, this outfit is perfect for a night out with friends.
  4. Recycle old denim jeans into cute miniskirts.
  5. Upgrade those old denims and make a funky apron out of them for you or your mom!
  6. Convert them into corsets and wear them with checkered skirts.
  7. Change them into stylish hot pants with ruffles and wear them with knee high boots. How fabulous would that be?
  8. Wear them as pretty little sundresses.
  9. Make flip-flops out of denims and jeans.
  10. Turn them into crop tops and rock that look anywhere.
  11. Change them into biker denim skirts or add lace to make sexy palazzos.
  12. Won’t sexy denim bikinis look absolutely fabulous?
  13. Or how about peplum denim tops?
  14. Come up with a sexy cocktail dress for a late night party.
  15. Or you could just turn them into fancy college bags!