i am addicted to you - REASONS WHY YOU TO USE FACE PACK. 3


One of the questions that cross one’s mind every time they are getting ready to use face packs is why they actually need them. Without a doubt, pampering face pack besides ridding your countenance of blemish also maintains the skins youthfulness by keeping it radiant and supple. Using face packs is encouraged as one of the excellent ways to look drop dead gorgeous and ravishingly beautiful. A lot of women apply face pack as a way of looking attractive to others without knowing the long term benefits of face pack application. So below are some of the advantages that will bring you closer to your face pack


Face packs have a lot of short term and long term benefits. However the best advantage of using face pack is its ability to penetrate the epidermis by opening up pores, cleansing it by eliminating dead cells and grime. Again face pack helps the epidermis clear excessive oily deposit thus keeping it moistened and free from stress by enhancing the oxygen flow in its surface. It also helps the skin combat infections and disorders due its antiseptic and antioxidant properties.



Face pack help in deep and through cleansing, Irrespective of whether your skin is dry or oily, face pack brightens up your countenance and makes it glow by cleansing it thoroughly from deep within. Continued use of face pack keeps your skin healthy by clearing away dirt and oily deposits from the surface and the endodermis as well. One of the many reason why you should use face pack should be it’s a perfect detoxifier ridding the skin off impurities
Face pack also clears up clogs and pores. This is because in the process of leaning the skin, it also clears the grime that clogs pores on the epidermis. Ingredients making up facial penetrate the innermost layer pushing up dirt to the surface all along and removing dead cells.



Face pack having natural constituents maintains the youthfulness of the skin by keeping soothed and rejuvenating. Face packs are therapeutic in that they re- energies the epidermis and subsequently your skin appearance improve which make it glow. Self-confidence also receives a boost as you appear more charming to out lookers.They keep skin hydrated since a face pack comprising of slices of cucumber, potatoes, strawberry, banana and leaves of mint or rosemary will be sufficient to keep your face hydrated.



Puts of the ageing processes painstakingly prepared face pack contains antioxidants which drive out free radicals thus promoting the circulation of oxygenated blood as well as distilling the blood vessels. This results to skin tone restoration and enhancement making your skin feel softer to the touch.



Face pack optimizes the effectiveness of skin care products by clearing away impurities and softening the skin thus preparing foundation for sunscreens, fairness cream, toning lotion and serum to perform more efficiently.
Face pack helps thwart pimples and leers dark spot when used together with sunscreens, night gel and moistening creams. Face pack is ideal for maintaining skin tone, preventing formation of dark spot, preventing formation of sunburn, prevent hyper pigmentation and sunburns.